Ironing machines and presses

FINTEC double buck press

Model DRB 40

Ergonomical size with adjustable ironing dummy
Safety doors close automatically to prevent unauthorised access and heat emission.

FINTEC sleeve press

Model AB 30

Highly polished nickel heating plate
Height adjustment of the arm beams to fasten the shoulder area

FINTEC combination press

Model KMB 10

Safety frame integrated into the heat plate trim
Full trim: no exposed pipes

FINTEC trousers press

Model DHB 80

Highly economical size with adjustable moulded padding
Uptake station outside the machine, accessible from three different sides

FINTEC turntable press

Model DTB 50

With electronical heating system: Model DTB 50 EL
Full trim: no exposed pipes

FINTEC universal press

Model UNI 20

With electronical heating system: Model UNI 20 EL
Table size: 1330 x 430 mm, vaulted

FINTEC mushroom press

Model PB 15

Remote control for single hand usage in connection with safety frame
Completely maintenance free

FINTEC collar and sleeve press

Model KM 25

Constant and steady pressing sequence
High-pressure steam up to a maximum of 16 bar


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