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Press covers

Some of our products:

Press cover cloths made of polyester or aramide, available in different thicknesses, by the metre or already assembled for all types of presses.


Press pads made of different materials

Steel woohl pad

Aramide or silicone pad for Jensen, Kleindienst, Fintec, Kannegiesser, etc.


Air bags

Air bags made of aramide or polyester for Unipress, Kleindienst, Kannegiesser, Jensen, Fintec, etc. (In-house production)

Covers made

Covers made of polyester or aramide with additional protective cap made of aramide nettles for Kleindienst, Jensen, Fintec, etc. (In-house production)


Diffusers made of aramide, siliconised. (In-house production)

Foam silicone and silicone pads

Fom silicone and silicone pads perforated in different colours, thicknesses and hardness grades


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